How can I begin to talk about Chris Goulet? I mean is there a database large enough to bear the colossal weight of the characters needed to form the words and sentences required to create the verbal monument known as Chris Goulet? Probably not, so I will explain myself like this.

Chris Goulet is an Albertan Canadian turned Texan American who was birthed shortly after the invention of computers. His unbridled and often uncontrollable love for technology has helped him to carve out a circuitous path to fame and riches untold.

His first real friend was that dog from Duck Hunt on NES.

He used the Nintendo Power Glove in the 80’s–unsupervised, once, and lived.

World champion hoverboarder.

  • Danijel

    I was really looking forward to stopping by CG’s wordpress blog, so I decided to get some scented candles at QT. Then danijel jumped me in the bathroom….

    • chrisgoulet

      Thanks for the feedback. I will contact QT right away Danijel.

    • chrisgoulet

      Well played.

  • I bet you stood really close to the screen playing duck hunt too…cheater…