The other day I noticed that LinkedIn has an auto-complete feature on it’s nifty little skills endorsement feature.

Not only can you set your own skills for others to endorse on your LinkedIn profile, but you can also add new skills and then endorse them on all of your professional contacts’ profiles.

I set out to find the worst possible skills to endorse and here is what I came up with:

the worst linkedin endorsements

The list for those keeping track:

Money Laundry
Kidnap & Ransom
Insider Trading
Dangerous Drugs
Sexual Violence
Workplace Violence
Political Violence
Violence Against Women
School Violence
Organized Crime
Financial Crime
Organized Retail Crime
And, last but not least, Attack & Penetration

  • Stefano

    And so? What’s the point of this post? There are negative skills that we don’t want in our profile, ok fair enough… Just don’t add them! Or am I missing something here?

    • R

      Yes. You’re missing the fact that LinkedIn regularly spams your contacts, and implores them to add skills to your CV that you haven’t selected for yourself and don’t possess. I’ve no doubt that’s where these little gems came from – retaliation from disgruntled “endorsees”.

      Endorsements has to be the most idiotic ‘feature’ of all time. And that’s saying something given how generally useless LinkedIn is.

      As usual with something this ‘stupid’, looking a little closer it’s clear that Endorsements don’t exist for the reason that people imagine they exist. They exist purely so that LinkedIn can make a killing in advert impressions when annoyed users come and clean up the mess their more stupid contacts have made of their CV by mistaking the endorsements box for Facebook like buttons.

  • Paul D

    The point is these a hilariously weird things to “Endorse” someone with.

    “Your friend says you know ‘Attack & Penetration'” That is just awesome.