Facebook released an update to their iPhone app yesterday, and it brings with it some huge improvements to the UI and UX.


Facebook's new layout and menu

Gone is the iPhone home screenesque icon navigation. Instead, the app now has a menu icon in the top left corner that allows you quick access to feeds, apps, pages and settings.

Friend requests, messenger and notifications now make up the top tier navigation. The familiar status update options now fall below those.


Updated navigation

They also made it even easier to use their notoriously bad site search. From prior search experience on Facebook I must admit I’m a skeptic, but after test driving the search, I was impressed by the speed and the accuracy.

Also, the search is scaled back to only include people, games, groups and pages.


Updated search will simplified results

See the app store for the full list of updates.

What do you think of the new update? Comment below…

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