It’s seems that you can’t find any other news on the web since the Verizon iPhone was announced yesterday. There is all kinds of speculation from whether or not the AT&T iPhone apps will work on the Verizon iPhone to will it turn the tables on a give the upper hand to Zombies as they take on the Plants.

Well, allow to jump on the content train and help set straight the differences between the two iPhones like CDMA vs. UMTS antennas, the mobile wifi hotspot and more.

Here is a summary of links to help you sort it out.

Lifehacker’s take on the differences.

Engadget know’s what’s different.

My take:

The differences aren’t big enough to really talk about. The hardware and OS is basically the same. The best part of this is that the iPhone has been lifted from AT&T’s sole control, and user can begin the exodus to better service (they hope) My hope is that this consumer migration leads to more competitive lower cost pricing for  iPhone service.

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    So whats your take?

    • I’m just glad that AT&T doesn’t have a strangle hold on it anymore.