The Nielsen Company just released their October 2010 statistics on mobile marketshare by device/OS, and that data shakes out like this:

October 2010 Mobile Device Market Share

Total Market Share
70.3% – Feature Phone
29.7% – Smart Phone
Smartphone OS Market Share
Apple iPhone OS (iOS), 27.9%
RIM Blackberry OS, 27.4%
Android OS, 22.7%
Microsoft Windows Mobile, 14.0%
Symbian OS, 3.4%
Linux, 3.3%
Palm, 1.3%

Also worth noting from this report is that Apple’s iPhone is the “most desirable” smart phone as of now. Desirable is one thing, but being locked into contract with AT&T to get one will keep some users desiring and not buying.

Advice: Make that Verizon deal happen. That’s right, I’m looking at you Apple.

If you watching market share by OS, look out for Android. Cross carrier availability and sheer volume of handsets with likely challenge Apple and RIM very soon for that top spot soon. Especially if Android can  keep capitalizing on the short comings of Apple.
What do you guys think?
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