It appears that the Skyfire browser has emerged as a legitimate challenger to to Safari for iPhone and has arguably started a mobile browser war. While Apple and Adobe battle it out over Flash VS HTML 5 Skyfire has filled the void with a clever way to support and render Flash videos in their socially intelligent  iPhone app.

Sure the app is a hefty $3 in the app store we free apps reign supreme, but the advanced features have it positioned to at the very minimum show Apple what is possible to do with a browser far beyond simple bookmarking.

Before I continue, let me clarify what I mean by Flash support. Skyfire only supports Flash videos, so don’t go thinking you can use play your favorite Flash games or use Flash apps.

I call Skyfire (current version 2.1.0) socially intelligent because of its integration with Facebook and Twitter which make sharing that new Skittles Tube Sock Guy video much easier thing to do. While Safari for iPhone make sharing that flash video impossible.

Did I mention that Skyfire also forces the desktop version of your favorite Flash video site? Yep, so if you don’t want that annoying scaled back version of a site, you’re you now have the option to escape it.

Other notable features include private browsing, full screen video playback, integration with Google Reader, Pin Board, Instapaper and Tumblr.

Skyfire is also available for Android.

Sidney Crosby Pyramid video on

Full-screen Crosby RBK Pyramid video on

Social sharing options in Skyfire for iPhone

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